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Fashion Tips for the Holidays

This is the most stressful time of the year. Between buying presents for the family and dodging carolers, it is impossible to shop for the perfect outfit this holiday season. Do not worry my friends. Here are a few tips for having an incredibly fashionable holiday.

Tip #1: Take advantage of online shopping. The malls are going to be pack, and ain’t nobody got time for that. Yes, I know online shopping can be intimidating but it is the greatest thing since sliced cheese. Some stores have clothing that is exclusive to online shoppers and sales that cannot compete with in-store prices. Try it, worst comes to worst you have to exchange it for a different size.

Tip #2: Always dress fancier rather than casual, unless it is a Christmas breakfast pajama party. Then the pajamas always win. This season let your jeans take a break, and go buy a new dress or skirt to flirt with Santa in. It will make for good Instagram photos, and memories. Also men are drawn to those who stand out, and a new holiday dress will do just that.

Tip #3: Stay Festive. Stick to season colors for example red, white, sequened, deep green, and gold. First off those colors are easier to find, and are immune to clashing with Christmas decorations. Also these colors are always more flattering on people than spring colors, so take advantage of the darker clothing trends.

Tip #4: Everything in Moderation. Do not eat or drink too much. It is so hard to say no to a home cooked meal, but say no to a second serving. You will bloat like Violet from “Charlie and the Chocolate factory” and have to be rolled out to your car. Enjoy the meal, but not too much that you have to be cut out of your dress. It is not worth it. Drink more eat less, but even that can be dangerous. That egg nogg may taste like heaven, but it will not help you in the morning. Two glasses is a good limit for a quicker party, but no more than four. Alcohol causes bloating, and poor choices. May your Christmas be drama, and food baby free.

Tip #5: Have fun. It is the holidays so sing loud for all to hear, and take chances in fashion choices. Incorporate fur, and leather to make a lasting approach, and score a kiss under the mistletoe.

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A Pretty and Pink Fantasy

The queen of theatric runway shows has done it again. Betsy Johnson always puts on a captivating that’s worth watching regardless of the attire. This year the designer asked her runway models to do a dance routine with Champagne bottles. This year’s spring show was more toned down than her London marching band show in the fall. Toned down for Betsy Johnson is comparing Elton John to Liberace, it is still overdone.  

When the first model took the catwalk I looked around to make sure I was not in the capital of the “Hunger Games”.  Each model wore a cotton candy pink curly wig with silver lipstick. A look Effie Trinket would have killed to wear. Despite the extreme hair and makeup Johnson showcased subtle prints throughout her collection.

Lauren Sherman said in her Betsy John review on, “For Spring, Johnson focused a little less on the extravaganza and more on the fashion. “It’s as serious as I can get,” she said backstage before the show. ‘It’s all about the clothes, which is very rare for me.’ When Johnson focuses on the actual garment, she tends to go with her greatest hits. She sketched out the collection of jumpsuits, bodysuits, and prom dresses in just one weekend, creating a wardrobe for any eighties-obsessed teenage girl along the way (Are there eighties-obsessed teenage girls?)… There was nothing surprising here, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun. A black cotton bodysuit with a silver zipper up the front, a sparkly silver dress with a massive tulle skirt, and the calico series—a pair of long shorts and a scoop-neck T-shirt dress in particular—were everything a girl longing for Betsey Johnson twenty-five years ago could want. Will girls want it now?”

Betsy is entertaining and people love to watch her shows, but these days nobody wants to wear cropped capris, and punk rock Madonna dresses. It is a sluttier generation that is all about low cutting, skin tight short dresses that create more muffin-tops than skinny sports illustrated models. While I wish spunky ‘80s prom dresses would get me noticed at a bar the dream is not realistic, which is a shame because her collection was carefully thought through.

The transition between fabrics was smooth like a Blue Moon on a Saturday night. The collection began with a faded ‘80s floral pattern, and continued on with a white, zebra, and the ended with a plain black fabric. It was quite simple, but still not enough to relate to our generation.

This year’s runway show may have been outdated, but Betsy Johnson continues to remain faithful to her 80s’ pretty in pink dream even if the rest of the world has moved on.

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Hot for Harem

One of the most exciting parts about college is the opportunity to study abroad. It allows for a deep enriching experience in another culture, and the opportunity to learn all their fashion secrets. Like wearing pajamas every day. Recently harem pants have become a fashion statement among the prominent figures of the fashion industry. Who knew pants being sold in the jungles of Cambodia would make an appearance at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

The first time I saw these pants make their way into the United States; I thought they were worse than Madonna’s fish net fiasco, but I was wrong.  Harem pants are brilliant. They allow (in the right setting of course) for the average business woman to wear pajamas to work. They are loose on the body, but are tailored at the ankle, which makes them a great pant to pair with heels and a blazer. It is impressive that these pants can go from bum status to business chic in the matter of minutes with the touch of a blazer.

Picking out the perfect harem pant is a difficult task. It evokes the question do I want the kitten patterned, floral, tribal, or solid pattern? If your answer was cat you need help. Traditionally the pants have tribal patterns, but for work I suggest a solid color or subtle pattern. You are already wearing the closest thing to pajamas at work; do not test the boundaries by adding a kitty cat to the design.

Do not get so caught up in work that fashion no longer becomes a priority. Go out buy a pair on Asos or Forever 21. The pants will encourage you to get out of bed, and who knows you may develop superhero powers and save the world (yes, they are that awesome).

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